Professor Marcos Sforza is one of the most renowned lecturer and researcher in the realm of Cosmetic Surgery.

On a regular basis he is invited to various conferences around the world to confer his experience on over 5000 procedures.

He is responsible for one of the few internships in Cosmetic Surgery in Europe, for young doctors.

Professor Sforza is also a leader of the pioneering research on Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

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Dear Friends, Patients and colleagues.

Welcome to this space where we will share our ideas, visions and passions for Plastic Surgery.

Once, I heard: “A Powerful Education is the Base…” and I am extremely thankful that I received my training in Plastic Surgery with Professor Ivo Pitanguy in Brazil. He is not only one of the most important Plastic Surgeons in the world, but he also posses a vast humanistic vision. He was the first surgeon to defend the concepts of “The right for beauty”.

In this postmodern society in which the media exerts tremendous influence on us with new concepts and tends with a new velocity not measured is days or hours, but is megabytes per second, fashion became not only an object of desire, but mainly an instrument to exercise pressure on our minds and souls.

I believe that waking up in the morning, looking at the mirror and feeling good about oneself is one of our most important tools to face the world with confidence and happiness.

My mission is to give You this confidence and make You feel better both inside and out.

Thank You for giving me this opportunity!