Advanced Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a “breast aug” or “boob job” by patients, involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of your breasts. This procedure can also restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape, size, fuller appearance or improve natural breast size asymmetry.


Dr. Marcos Sforza, your trusted partner in your breast augmentation journey, provides an unparalleled level of care and expertise in the field of advanced breast augmentation surgery. Based in the esteemed Harley Street, London, Dr. Sforza is a renowned plastic surgeon specialising in advanced techniques that deliver natural looking, bespoke results. Understanding that the journey of breast enhancement is personal and unique to each individual. Dr. Sforza offers an informative and free 3D online video consultation for breast enlargement. During this initial consultation, he comprehensively discusses the breast augmentation procedure, answers all your queries, and tailors a unique treatment plan to align with your personal goals. With Dr. Sforza’s guidance on your breast surgey journey, you can feel confident in your decision, assured of the highest level of surgical care and a beautifully enhanced aesthetic outcome.

advanced breast augmentation

Breast surgery Specialist

  • Breast Augmentation, also known as a boob job or boob augmentation procedure
  • Breast Fat Transfer – with implants this is known as Hybrid
  • Breast Reduction
  • Implant Replacement – you may be ready for replacement or if you have concerns over textured implants please contact our team we are experienced to help in this situation.  
  • Breast Implant removal
  • Breast Uplift
  • Nipple Surgery
  • Breast Enlargement
  • Hybrid Breast Augmentation


Dr. Sforza stands out in his commitment to personalising your breast augmentation surgery journey. His free initial online video consultation includes a 3D simulation of your expected breast enhancement results. This simulation empowers you to see how your new breasts’ size and shape will complement your body, ensuring you feel confident and satisfied with your choice.

We offer a free online video consultation with 3D simulation for breast augmentation. This online video consultation is from the comfort of your own home, then you will see the surgeon in person at our Harley Street London Clinic before your surgery.

Upload 3 standard digital photos securely on our online system and Marcos will show you your expected results in 3D.

This is in addition to discussing your surgery goals, concerns and receiving expert in depth advice about your procedure.

All procedure costs are confirmed after the free consultation.

Advanced Breast Augmentation Surgery Techniques

Marcos Sforza is a distinguished figure in the field of breast surgery, known for his extensive experience and innovative approach that elevates the standard of care. With a specialisation in advanced breast surgery techniques, such as the minimal scar technique and hybrid breast augmentation, Dr. Sforza ensures exceptional results tailored to his patients’ unique needs and desires.

The minimal scar technique is a testament to Dr. Sforza’s precision and skill in breast surgery. By meticulously planning small incisions, this method minimises scarring, which is barely noticeable and discreetly placed in the breast fold. This approach greatly enhances the aesthetic outcome of the surgical procedure.

One of Dr. Sforza’s groundbreaking techniques is hybrid breast augmentation, which combines the use of breast implants with the art of fat transfer. This state-of-the-art method provides a remarkable solution for breast enhancement, offering a perfect balance between the volume and shape provided by implants and the natural feel of the patient’s own body fat. By utilising smaller implants along with purified fat harvested from areas that the patient wishes to slim, such as the abdomen or thighs, Dr. Sforza achieves bespoke breast augmentation results that are both natural and balanced, seamlessly tailored to suit the patient’s unique body shape.

When embarking on a breast enlargement surgery journey with Dr. Sforza, patients can expect a comprehensive and personalised approach. The process typically begins with an initial consultation, where Dr. Sforza attentively listens to the patient’s goals and concerns. He considers factors such as the desired size and shape of the breasts, taking into account the patient’s existing body shape and proportions. Through this collaborative approach, Dr. Sforza ensures that the results of the procedure harmonise with the patient’s overall appearance, enhancing their natural beauty.

As a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Sforza understands that every patient’s aspirations are unique. By offering advanced techniques like the minimal scar technique and hybrid breast augmentation, he strives to provide exceptional outcomes that exceed expectations. With a commitment to the highest standards of care and a focus on delivering natural-looking results, Dr. Sforza empowers patients to enhance their self-confidence and achieve their aesthetic goals through breast surgery at our cosmetic surgery clinic.

What are Motiva Implants?

Motiva Implants are advanced smooth surface high quality implants that have shown a reduced risk of complications due to their high biocompatibility. They are a popular choice for patients seeking a safer and effective option for breast implant surgery.

What is the recovery time for breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation recovery typically takes a few weeks. You should expect to take it easy for the first few days post-surgery and gradually return to your normal activities as you start to feel better. Full recovery may take six to eight weeks, during which it is advised to avoid strenuous activities. It is important to note that each individual’s healing process may differ, and it is essential to follow Professor Sforza’s post-operative instructions for optimal recovery.

Will I have an overnight stay in the hospital after my breast augmentation surgery?

No, breast augmentation with Professor Marcos Sforza is generally a day case. This means you will be able to go home on the same day as your surgical procedure, after you’ve been observed and given the all-clear by the medical team.

How is the price for my breast augmentation/boob job determined?

The price for your breast augmentation will be confirmed after your free online video consultation. During this consultation, we will also use 3D simulation to show you the expected results of your breast surgery.

What is a hybrid breast augmentation?

A hybrid breast augmentation combines the use of silicone implants and your own body fat to create a more natural-looking breast enhancement. This method may be suitable for some patients, depending on their body type, desired outcomes, and medical history. You will find out if you are a good candidate for this approach during your consultation.

What can I expect during my consultation?

During your consultation, Professor Marcos Sforza will discuss your medical history, previous breast surgery,  your aesthetic goals, breast size goals and potential options for your cosmetic surgery. He will also answer any questions you may have about the breast surgery procedure, recovery, and results.

Please remember, while these answers provide a good starting point, individual experiences with breast surgery procedures can vary. The consultation is the best place to discuss your individual circumstances and options.

What is the booking process for advanced augmentation surgery with Professor Marcos Sforza?

To initiate the booking process for your advanced breast augmentation surgery, the best starting point is to complete our online consultation form. Once this has been submitted, one of Professor Marcos Sforza’s expert patient advisors will get in touch with you. They will discuss all your requirements, answer any questions you may have, and arrange your free online video consultation with Professor Sforza.

During the free online video consultation, you will be able to see your expected breast augmentation results in 3D, giving you a clear visual of what to anticipate post-surgery.

After your video consultation, you will also have a face-to-face consultation at our Harley Street London clinic with expert cosmetic surgeon Marcos Sforza. This in-person meeting ensures that all your concerns are addressed, and you are entirely comfortable proceeding with the surgery.

Following the consultation phase, you will receive further contact from your patient advisor to confirm all the details discussed, including the cost of the procedure. If you require financial assistance, we can connect you with our finance provider, who is currently offering 0% interest free for 12 months.

Once all these details are settled, you can then proceed to book your surgery date. Your patient advisor will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the full process to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.


We only use Motiva breast implants, Marcos Sforza considers them as the best breast implants for multiple reasons. They have over 30 years of experience and regulatory offices in the United States, a European distribution centre in Belgium and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Costa Rica, Establishment Labs is the next generation breast implant producer with regulatory approvals worldwide. The company is creating the most advanced levels of safety for women seeking to improve their appearance through Motiva’s proprietary technologies and higher quality standards.

Why Motiva breast implants? Because of Establishment Labs’ experience and success in advanced product design and development, technological manufacturing and product support, Motiva Implants® Silicone Breast Implants represent the most innovative implants available today:

  • State-of-the-art shell design that results in a strong and durable breast implant.
  • Exceptional elasticity for ease of insertion and smaller incisions.
  • Ultra soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shape retention and feel.
  • The most complex and advanced range of implant projections to meet the expectations of both the surgeon and patient.
  • Specialised choice of surface texturing, without the use of foreign materials that can damage the implant shell. All of our breast implants are covered against rupture by the Always Confident Warranty®, for the lifetime of the device, and by our Product Replacement Policy against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years.

Breast implant safety

Other important considerations:

  • Breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime and future surgery may be required to replace one or both implants
  • Pregnancy, weight loss and menopause may influence the appearance of augmented breasts over the course of your lifetime
  • Breast enhancement surgery requires regular examinations of your breasts’ health and to evaluate the condition of your breast implants

Possible advanced breast augmentation procedure risks include:

  • Anaesthesia risks
  • Bleeding/Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Poor scarring
  • Wrong or faulty position of the implant
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • The formation of tight scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture)
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • Wrinkling of the skin over the implant
  • Persistent pain
  • Possibility of revision surgery

These risks and others will be fully discussed prior to your consent. It is important that you address all your questions directly with your plastic surgeon.

Contact me for a professional consultation.